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Hot Feet Sports and Catch & Throw team up to put a new twist on catcher speed and agility training
Catchers need to be agile an quick behind the plate.  The Hot Feet Sports 4D Inferno training system allows catchers to train for speed, power, quickness, reaction and agility moving forward, backward, side to side and in diagonal directions. In addition to the increased directional training capabilities, athletes can also compete against each other and are required to concentrate when completing patterns. The Inferno will fire up your feet to be ready for what the game throws at you.
Catch and Throw is proud to have teamed up with Hot Feet Sports to help develop catching specific drills to compliment the many drills already established by the Hot Feet Sports staff.  Videos and diagrams will be posted soon. An example of the Inferno is posted below.
Catch & Throw  offering a discount on Phoenix Bats
We all know having a comfortable and reliable bat in your hands makes your confidence grow.  The Phoenix brand is synonymous with power, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Born out of a craftsman's garage, Phoenix now produces bats out of a state of the art, custom bat manufacturing shop to offer players of all ages the chance to swing what the pros use.  Phoenix bats offer a variety of bats in makes, models, and different types of wood to ensure that you are prepared for battle each and every at bat.
Make Sure to enter CATCH11 to get a 10% discount on your order
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As a former professional player, I have found that some of the things that I took for granted at the end of my career are very valuable for many of young players that I deal with day in and day out. As we always say at Catch and Throw, “Old age and treachery will beat youth and exuberance any day”. How a young athlete prepares for the game will have a significant outcome on how he performs during the game.

Everyone knows that preparation is a large part of the game, but I tend to look at it as a way to set one’s self up for success or for failure. It pains me when I hear from a player that they were not ready or loose for the first inning of a game. Part of the maturation process of a catcher is knowing what one has to do each day to be the most prepared athlete on the field. What does that mean?

The physical and mental rigors of catching can take a toll on the catcher. Being prepared for the game TODAY should be the most important thing. The responsibilities that a catcher has are endless. Over the course of a Major League Baseball Season, a starting catcher will have to be ready to receive in between 18,000 and 20,000 pitches. That doesn’t include any in the bullpen or in between innings. The preparation starts right now!

Here is a daily pregame checklist for a catcher:



Our commitment to providing the best catching information on the web just got stronger.  We've improved our website to make getting information about catching easier and enhanced the ability for our users to learn the drills and concepts with visual aids as well as written explanations.  Our goal is to become more interactive with the catching community to make catchers better!
Some of the new website features include:
Easier Navigation - The tabs at the top of the page allow you an quick and easy access to the content of the website.
Videos Demonstrations- Catchers Warm Up, Blocking Drills, and Throwing Drills demonstrated by Catch & Throw clients.
New Articles - Blocking the Plate, Exchange Importance, Pop Ups.  Soon we will be interviewing catcher's young and old to get a pulse on the hot topics.
Social Media - Our Facebook page offers many videos and articles off the web...... Click the Facebook logo to "Like Us"
Comprehensive Catching Program - We are offering a "one stop shop" for catching, conditioning, and mental instruction.
Coming Soon.......
Video Blog - Catch & Throw Founder Ryan Sienko will be answering questions and current events as well as product reviews.
Camp Dates - We will be offering new camp dates in San Diego and across the country soon
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