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Set up for this drill is down in a receiving stance. The ball is thrown to short hop the catcher. By "rolling in" with the left leg to short hop the ball, the catcher will maintain balance and still be able to get into throwing position with hands and feet. This drill is advanced and should be done with no throw at the beginning to get the technique and footwork and later adding a throw to this


An infielder’s flat glove or a catcher’s training glove sometimes known as a Donut glove are used to work on the quickening of the hands with the exchange. The donut glove is great to use in all of the above drills especially the knee drill with throw.


Purpose: To work on the exchange of the ball into the hand and forward momentum toward target with proper timing and balance ultimately helping the catcher keep his balance while throwing to 2nd in competition.

Set Up: Start with the catcher facing sideways toward 2nd base in a down position with a proper target given.

Drill: Starting with the catcher directly sideways to 2nd base, the coach or partner tosses the ball to the catcher who receives the ball, exchanges the ball to the hand directly in the center of the body (spine) and shuffles feet to 2nd base to gain distance and create momentum while throwing the ball. After a couple of perfectly executed throws, the coach/partner will move on a slight angle toward the middle of the field (pitcher’s mound) and the catcher's angle will match the coach/partner squaring up to him as he moves toward the mound. The catcher will still work on exchanging the ball in the middle of the body and the feet will move from a shuffle to a step forward as the drill is close to full execution.


Purpose: To work on the total throwing motion of a catcher not just the footwork, Not a release point drill, but a way to get the body into a good throwing position with Balance and Posture along with enough momentum to get through the ball with arm speed. This drill also allows catchers to work on their throwing to the different bases without having to take over the full infield to do their work along with being able to do large repetitions without putting much stress on their throwing shoulder and elbow.

Set Up: This drill can be done with or without a partner in the bullpen or anywhere on the field. Set up a rectangular box about a foot long and 3-4 inches deep either in tape or drawn in the dirt 3-5 inches in front of catcher’s center of his body in set up. The towel will be set in the hand with approximately 12 inches of towel hanging out of the hand. The catcher will simulate catching a ball in all different positions to make the body movements realistic. A mocked exchange will happen by tapping the towel into the glove to simulate taking the ball out of the glove and then the catcher will shoot out of the crouch landing with the right foot in the box and go through the throwing motion while holding onto the towel. Mark where the glove side foot lands and walk heel to toe 5 feet from the landing foot and make a line for the partner to stand with a glove as a target equal to eye height of the catcher.

Drill: The catcher will mock receiving the ball in different positions and will try to create enough momentum and direction as quickly as he can to drive the body toward the target while stepping into the taped or drawn box on the ground. This is a total body drill. If there are any direction changes, loss of balance, or posture issues, the catcher will not be able to reach the target. This isn’t a release point drill, instead is a drill that will teach the catcher to use his body instead of just his arm to throw the ball. This drill can be executed to 1st and 3rd base as well.